Who Am I?

I'm a game and software developer with a passion.
Freelancer, Developer, Gamer.

I'm an independent contractor for software and game development. Based in Chandler, Arizona.
I primarily work in the C# Programming Language on either Microsoft or Mono .NET, and I've worked with C# since I started programming around 7 years ago.

However, my passion resides with games and game development. I analyze and design games, as well as create them. Unity3D is the engine of my choice, but I'm currently experimenting with other platforms.

I have extensive experience with other languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, et cetera ~ If its c-based, I can probably work in it.

  • C# Programming

    Over 7 years in C#

  • Unity3D

    Unity is the platform for me

  • Game Design

    I understand the subconcious of the player.

  • Object Oriented Programming

    I excel in the complex concepts of OOP.

Why Unity?

I could go on for almost an hour as to why Unity3D is the platform for me. But, primarily I use Unity3D because it uses a strongly typed language (C#), is very multiplatform, very powerful, and has an absurdly detailed API Documentation.
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