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Primarily in C# on a .NET Stack.

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Experienced in Unity3D.

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Showcasing gameplay and projects.

what I've made

Here are some of the things I've actively worked on


A service providing powerful features for live-streamers and developers.

Written in C#.

Project Roadmap

Maintained here.


A game about stealth and patterns in a city full of people.

Written in C#. Made with Unity.

Check out my posts for more info.

Purple Electron

A retroactive audio recording software written in C#. Inspired by NVIDIA Shadowplay.

Written in C#.



A game design spec centered around extending the gameplay found in games like Bloodborne and Cube World.

Written in C#. Made with Unity.

Game Design Document

Maintained here.


A program that interfaces with Discord to implement some useful features intended to assist with learning Japanese.

Written in Go.

Maintained here.

osu! Song Extractor

A simple utility for extracting all of the music files found in an osu! songs folder and into a single folder.

Written in C#.

Maintained here.

USACO Submissions

A collection of all of my submissions to the United States of America Computing Olympiad.

Written in C/C++.

Maintained here.

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