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Constitution Over All

*Disclaimer: Tristen Horton is not affiliated with any political interest groups and this page is purely for educational purposes.


Who Are We?

Constitution Over All is a public interest group of individuals who hold their constitutional rights as unalienable, their liberty massively important, and their security just so.

We individuals act in these interests and push against any laws or acts that alienate these attributes.

These attributes are the rights of all individuals and should be respected. A person’s liberties, especially his or her freedom of speech, are the primary sources of creativity, scientific advancement, and discovery. Disrupting these rights can impede the advancements of the human race as a whole.

 Our Plan?

We have a routine, followed by a general opportunity hold: If something comes up, we’ll try and snatch it.

We use public forums and petitioning websites to show members of the executive and legislative branch what the people they’re representing think about recent bills.

We’re willing to fight for our rights, especially in court.

We’ll support office candidates that support our cause, with candidacy donations and assistance.

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