tristen horton

My Sister Was An Idiot When She Left Ashley Alone With Me.

With my sister, Madeline, and her friend, Ashley, almost asleep in the other room, I decide that it’s time for me to finish up my nightly routine. After showering and brushing my teeth, I gather my lotion, tissues and my iPhone. Opening my pictures, I head towards my hentai. More specifically… a picture of Kagamine Rin with her hands and feet tied up, pants off and legs spread, showing her wonderful camel-toe. Behind her is Hatsune Miku, with nothing but a shirt on, rubbing her self and fingering Rin from behind, while licking Rin’s neck.

I thoroughly enjoy the picture for a few moments until I’m hard. After, I squirt a good amount of lotion and slowly spread it around my rock hard cock. Until my entire cock is covered in the oily substance… As I’m jerking my cock, I change between my pictures folder on my phone until I stumble upon some pictures of my Sister and her friend, in bikinis, that my she sent me. I stop for a brief moment… then I continue to stroke my penis, faster and faster, about to cum to my sister and her friend, until my milky white cum splurges out of my cock. I clean up and a few minutes later I decide to go to sleep.

The next morning, I found a note on my door that read:

Jerkface: I had to go over to my boy friend’s house, but Ashley is still sleeping in my room. I need you to wake her up soon and send her home. ~ Maddy

Pfft. I grunted at the note then went to go make myself breakfast.

About an hour later, I remembered that Ashley is still sleeping in my sister’s room, so I go to wake her up.

Entering my sister’s room, I look across to the bed and freeze – Ashley is only wearing one of my sister’s flannel shirts, and nothing else. I can see her nipples through the shirt, she must be cold since she has no blankets on. Her legs are spread somewhat, she isn’t wearing any panties, I can see her pussy clearly… she must be having a wet dream since her pussy is dripping with her juices. I try not to look so much, but when I walk closer to wake her up, she whispers my name under her breath:

Tristen… please touch me more…

She mumbled the rest of her words. After a few moments of me, completely frozen from the shock of those words, her eyes opened up and turned to look at me directly in mine. She still looks weary and tired though, as if she’s not quite sure of what’s happening right now.

“Tristen, how’d you get over there? You were just on the bed with me…” she mumbles and slurs her words somewhat. “Why are your clothes on?” I decide to play along.

I quickly strip my body of my clothes, exposing my already-rock-hard cock to Ashley – something I never though could happen outside of my dreams – and walked over to her. “Be gentle…” she told me.

I pull her to the other side of the bed by her legs and spread them apart. Bringing myself closer, I gently prod the head of my dick in between the lips of her pussy, while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Mmm… Tristen that feels so good” Ashley grunts. I slowly plunge my cock into her pussy while continuing to rub her clit. The insides of her pussy are filled with juices, it feels so tight and so good. “Ahh!” she blurts out a short scream. I look down and notice some blood, she was a virgin. “Are you okay?” I ask while I continue to slide my dick in and out of her. “Yeah… it feels fantastic. I want more” she confirms.

Speeding up, I lift her up and put her on my lap facing away from me and drop her onto my dick, slamming it into her insides. I pull her back and begin to fondle her tits and kiss her neck while I gyrate my cock in and out of her pussy.

Pushing her over, I speed up and start slamming my dick into Ashley, she’s grunting loudly. I accelerate rapidly, in and out, in and out, her juices are dripping off of my dick onto the bed. I bend over her and hold her tits, speeding up to the fastest I can go but I can’t hold it in anymore.

“I’m… agh, I’m coming!” I yell out, “I’m coming too!” she replies. I release my cum into her insides as she comes. She turns around and sits down, bringing her hand down to her pussy, which has my cum slowly dripping out. She rubs some of my jizz onto her hand then licks it off.

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