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Project Cygnus

The Project

Cygnus is a massive project that Nathan Hafner, Jack Griggs and myself have taken on – with the help of 3D Modeler Brenden Perkins. It is heavily influenced and inspired by the hugely controversial Cube World.

After Cube World went dead in the water for about a year, Nathan and I were playing it and brought up the notion of continuing the work. We began Project Cygnus this way, but now the project is so much bigger than recreating what Wollay (who I personally admire and respect) had delayed.

Plans for Project Cygnus

Ohohoho… The projected concepts for the game are unique and fun, and I am so freaking excited about it. The major mechanical design of the game will not be discussed, however, until there is a public media release for the game (ETA 7 months as of October 16th, 2015).

Here are some basic concepts I can tease:

  • The game has an API created for the soul purpose of mod and plugin creation. That includes custom event, item, entity, etc creation.
  • The games artistic design is visually similar to Cube World. We’re trying to match the theme, while keeping the experience unique.
  • The game has massive support for custom Voxel-models! Buildings, items, equipment, weapons, foliage, fauna, player/enemy races, and so much more.
  • We’re working hard on a special little (huge) software to help out 3d-modelers/mod-creators. 😉

I’m personally super excited for the release of this project. I’ve learned a lot about programming and game development in the process, so it’s been really fun to make so far. The mod API is by far the most satisfactory thing I’ve ever done in software development.



I’ve been working on the game for quite a while now. The game is now open source and can be found here. Development is still going strong after a long break. Take a peak at the issue tracking page to see whats being worked on right now!

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