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Steve Carell As Presidential Candidate

Steve Carell’s MyGovbook Pres. Candidate Profile:

Basic Information:

Name: Steve Carell

Sex: Male

Age: 53

Years as a resident of the US: 53

Ethnicity: White

Political Views: Constitutionalist Republican

Religious Views: Atheist

Relationship Status: Married


Personal Information:

Activities: When not working not-for-profits to improve the lives of those less fortunate than him, or acting for the next big Comedy, Steve spends time with him Family.

Interests: Computer Science, Recent Advancements in Technology and Science, Social Debate, Stand Up Comedy.

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Favorite TV Show: The Man in the High Castle

Favorite Quote: “We shouldn’t feel obligated to cater to the people who are hypersensitive to certain topics, even if they’re victims. — Feelings should never surpass freedoms.” – John Oliver


Education and Work:

High School: HS Diploma from Seton Academy in Chandler, Arizona

University: Harvard Masters in Law, and a Bachelor’s in Business

Current Employer: Contract based employment as actor, no employer.

Work Experience: Has worked as a Civil Defense Lawyer, stand up comedian, private business owner, and actor.


About This Candiate:

Steve Carell is a small-government republican who believes in the equal federal and state opportunities of every citizen and to-be citizen of the united states. He believes that the constitution is the overruling right of citizens over all laws and cannot be alienated or violated.

His experience as a stand up comic and an actor give him the speaking experience needed as a candidate, and he appeals widely. He’s not afraid to get down to business, either.

His experience with law supports who he would appoint as justices and judges.

As a prior business owner, he has the experience and connections he could need for appointing his cabinet and experts – as a business owner he would have to be able to understand and read people. He has experience with finance, taxes and the laws behind finances.




Also he’s kinda funny.

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